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The Santa Gertrudis herd in Southern Africa is a modern and dynamic breed supported by well established breeders within a organized society. Santas contribute significantly to the beef industry with its excellent fertility attributes, impact on cross breeding , above average feed conversion and growth. Santa Gertrudis is the preferred choice for the production of good quality beef and sustainable cattle farming.  Read more


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Santa Gertrudis SA - Beef Genomics Project

Genetic progress, a measure of improvement of an animals’ performance for a specific trait, is improved by the addition of genomic information to conventional breeding programmes. The resultant increase in animal production, coupled with rapidly decreasing costs for obtaining the genomic information for the animals, holds the promise of increased economic returns for the livestock farmers concerned; and a more competitive position for the country in the world market.

Bloem Show
27 April - 7 May 2017

World Santa Gertrudis Congress
01 - 05 May 2017

National Championships
02 - 03 May 2017


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