The Santa Gertrudis Breed South Africa, are medium framed cattle. Exceptionally good foragers(non-selective) and with an excellent walking ability cover long distances in search for food and water. The modern Santa, with its dark red (Cherry red) smooth coat, well hooded eyes (more resistant to cancer and pink eyes) and excellent legs and feet, is tailor made for future South African trends. They are quick maturing, and is well adapted to extreme climatic conditions.

Santa weaners, pure bred and crosses, consistently excel in feedlot growth tests. Weaner weight for male and female calves are in the region of 230 kg while the average for all breeds is about 215 kg. Weight gains of up to 2 kilogram per day are common and they are sought after, because of their excellent feedlot performance and high cutability (slaughter percentage) with up to 65% .

The South African Santa breeders is leading the field in breeding for superior Feed Conversion. our growth test bulls are consuming less than six kilogram of feed for one kilogram of weight gain. This is achieved because we believe that performance is the only criteria by which a breed can be judged. Santa Gertrudis South Africa has excelled. This is proved by the latest data released by the National Beef Performance Testing Scheme. The Santa has made steady progress with Phase C tested bulls achieving FCR’s of less than 5.5, some already have broken the magical 4.00 barrier, the best being 3.84. The modern Santa Gertrudis are medium framed cattle with dark red smooth coat, well hooded eyes, excellent legs and feet, is tailor made for future South African trends.

Take the above in Consideration: It should be obvious that the Cattle Breeder in South Africa, would benefit financially if he use Santa Gertrudis Bulls. Breeding values (BLUP analysis) on all Santa bulls is available. The Santa Gertrudis are non selective feeders therefore whether an intensive high pressure grazing system or a light grazing system is employed, pasture degration is negligible

Even in the show ring the Santa Gertrudis are performing well.


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